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How to Unsubscribe

We have sometimes received complaints from people who have signed-up to our mailing lists (newsletter, weekly hot items, promotion offer, unpaid order reminder) and then no longer want to receive messages. Sometimes it's because they've found the solution or don't want to receive so many emails from us.

If you don't want to receive messages from our mailing lists anymore, please follow the steps below to unsubscribe.

devil We recommend you not to simply flag messages from our mailing lists as spam just because you don't want to see them in your inbox anymore. Instead, the best solution is to properly unsubscribe from the list(s) concerned. That way, you will really put a permanent end to the unwanted mail.

  • please reply the email with the content or subject with "remove"

  • if you have 2 or more email addresses in our list, and you don't want 1 or some addresses to receive the email, please write : remove + your email address
  • you can use skype , icq or other live chat method to talk with our customer manager, they will help you do it
  • immediately If you still have problems after above steps, please send email to info@novecel.com , info@novecel.com , we will solve the problem as soon as possible
  • Thank you for your cooperation, and sorry for any inconveniences.      
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